Video Side Bar n Epic Browser

How to Save Videos to Epic Side Bar?

Videos app icon  in the sidebar allows you to search videos of YouTube and watch them in Epic. Epic’s Video sidebar allows the user to move videos from YouTube or from other video sites into the sidebar. Here the user can watch the videos and simultaneously browse other websites.
Download videos to Epic:

  1. Click YouTube Search button. Type the keyword of the video in the text box and click Search button.
  2. You will get the list of videos with the name in it. Double-click the video you want to add to the list and let the video to stream/download completely.
  3. Click Append to Playlist button and give name to My Playlist and click Ok. This will save the video in the Epic sidebar which you can see at any time.


  • You can play this video in the sidebar with the help of Play  icon.
  • To play the video in New tab click the icon . [source]

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