useKit – Lightweight Content Management System

useKit is a lightweight collaborative content management system that allows you to have all your data neatly stored and organized in one place. Store files, notes, links or web captures and annotations and share your collected items with friends and colleagues. Dynamic data in your library (for example doodle links, or new notes and collaborators remarks on shared documents) update automatically.

Knowledge-oriented organization as well as full text search enables you to retrieve your stored information effortlessly at any time. It is as simple as e-mail and requires no extra software. Thus all contacts always have the latest editions/versions in their digital data rack. Everyone sharing data can keep them in their personally preferred order.

  • [advt]Collect: In a first step, you can add anything you pass by on the web or elsewhere to your useKit account without having to worry about the organizational structure.
  • Organize and Share: In a second step, you can organize your collected items. It encourage you to use Contexts, which are useKit’s form of flexible folders. There is no hierarchical structure to your Contexts, which makes them adaptive and lightweight. In a third step, you can share your Contexts and thus collaborate efficiently with friends and colleagues.
  • Retrieve: Find your collected items anytime with full-text search or with your personal organization system – you decide on your own filing system and thus profit from finding everything again easily at a later time


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