Upload Files Directly from Windows folder to Server – Rightload

Rightload is a program that allows you to quickly upload files directly from a Windows folder to your server. Instead of using complicated software just to upload a few pictures, you just right-click on the files, select the server and target folder and Rightload will do the rest for you. It supports in FTP and HTTP servers.

In addition to FTP servers, Rightload supports custom upload plugins that provide access to a wide variety of other server types. The latest version already comes with plugins for the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Imageshack
  • Imgur
  • VirusTotal

Download Rightload


  • Supports Facebook, Flickr, Tinypic and Imageshack as well as FTP and HTTP servers.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation.
  • Creates a list of uploaded files in BB-Code or HTML to paste into forums or websites.

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