Union Bank International Debit Card

A T M (Automated Teller Machine) facilitates the customer to do Banking transactions such as Cash withdrawal, balance enquiry, obtaining mini-statement, transfer of funds between his/her own accounts etc. Union Bank of India tied up with Visa and Master for issuing International Debit Cards to the customers of all its branches.

The Debit Card provides ‘ANY TIME / ANY WHERE’ Banking to the customers. Presently, Bank has 2200 ATMs (As on 30.11.2009) which are on-line , conveniently located and spread across the country. The Debit Card can also be used for making purchases. The daily withdrawal limit through ATMs is Rs.25000/- and the limit for making purchases is Rs.25,000/- (combined limit Rs.50,000/-).

Issue of ATM cum Debit Card to customer is made very simple and most convenient. A Readykit containing both Debit Card and Pin are handed over to the customer immediately on opening of the account and in case of existing customers, the same is provided immediately on demand. The Debit Card is activated on the next working day. There is absolutely no waiting period for obtaining the Debit Card from the Bank. Experience for yourself by opening an account with any of Union Bank CBS branches and getting the Readykit instantly. .

The Debit card gets activated only when it is used alongwith PIN at ATM for cash withdrawal. Only after the first transaction at ATM, the customer will be able to use the Debit Card for making purchases.

For providing better facility and wider acceptance of the Debit Card, the Bank has entered into ATM sharing arrangements with Cash Tree Group, SBI group, NFS group and VISA. Under these arrangements Union Bank cardholder can access over 32000 ATMs of 42 banks across the country

[advt]International Transactions – 2% Currency Conversion charges extra

Other Benefits:

  1. Free Insurance against Accidental death of principal card holder Rs.2.00 lacs and in case of Add on cardholder – Rs.1.00 lac.
  2. Lost card liability restricted to Rs.1,000 from the time of reporting the loss.
  3. Multiple account access : The customer can get 3 accounts linked to the Card.
  4. Issue of Add on Card in case of Joint accounts with Either or Survivor mandate.


No joining fee or Annual fee are collected during the first year of issue. From second year onwards, an annual fee of Rs.100/- is collected and the same is waived for customers maintaining an average quarterly balance of Rs.5,000 in the account.

Replacement of Lost card attracts charges of Rs.100/-.
Regeneration of Pin Rs.25/-.

Validity :

The Debit card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

Cardholder should sign in the signature panel on reverse of the Card immediately on obtaining from the Bank.

Important Telephone numbers :

24 Hour Help line for Hotlisting of Cards : 1800222244 (Toll Free)

For any kind of Assistance : 1800222244 (Toll Free)

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