Uninor Mobile Prepaid Simple Tariff Plans

Uninor currently offers the following simple tariff plans. You find more about the tariff plans, value packs and recharge options in the Uninor website.

Simple Tariff Plans : Talklonger @ 29p/min

Call Setup Charge : 39 p
Local Call :    29 p / min
STD : 49 p / min
SMS Local (Uninor to Uninor) : 100 free Uninor to Uninor SMS per day. Subsequent sms to be charged at 10 p / SMS
SMS Local : 10 p / SMS
SMS National : 1.49 Rs / SMS



Simple Tariff Plans : Callmore @ 29p/min

To choose this plan, dial *222*8*1# from your uninor mobile
Daily Rental : Rs 2.00
Local Call : 29 p / min
STD : 49 p / min
SMS Local (Uninor to Uninor) : 100 free Uninor to Uninor SMS per day. Subsequent sms to be charged at 10 p / SMS
SMS Local:    10 p / SMS
SMS National :    1.49 Rs / SMS


  1. iam bishan das mahant presently iam working in reliance communication as a public relation ship executive and collation and sales department in manali location.now i want to join yours organization.please send me the email id of the HR department of uninor department. which can help me to send my resume to them please send me that on my email address is [email protected] or contact me on 9817511157.
    thanks i will we waiting for yours feedback.

  2. This is Surajit Das,8944034236.Rs-15cut from my main balance on 16/11/2011, from those day to now I contacted sevwral times with customer care unit of uninor but till now i didn’t got any response & help from your customer care team & SR executive(RUDRA) ,while informing them about my problem they were making comitments to me that you will receive the deducted amount within few days but till now didn’t got my money which has been illegally deducted from my balance .I AM VERY MUCH DISSATISFIED with your PERSONS & ALSO ASTONGUISHED THAT THEY DOESN’T HAVE THE QUALITY TO MAKE A COMMITMENT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS IN PROPER WAY.So I have decided to throw my uninor sim& get a new connection of other branded com.

  3. uninor give best plans so uninor is best therefore ialso using uninor and tell me more uninor offers my uninor con. No.-7398538461


  5. Really great plans for mobile users I am also using Uninor and now network problem solve so enjoy Uninor services………… Thanks Uninor Keep up it..

  6. I would like to know about uninor world calling card rate for “UK” mobile to mobile & “UK” mobile to landline….

  7. Don’t go with that DP plan. These people are cheating. They won’t give you discount of more than 15%, even it will flash 60% on your screen. I complained many times to customer care, but they told me that I am lying!!!

  8. uninor is now offering the cheapest call rates in the market. dynamic pricing is now applicable on per sec call !

  9. uninor is best cheep and intresting
    in airtel it cost 40p/min in idea50p/min
    uninor 29p/min in docomo 1p/sec=60p/min
    now opened in mangalore city karnataka
    lov it

  10. Uninor network is very poor coverage and not clear voice network.
    especially rural areas nobody coverage to tie-up to tata indicom tower. but do not working now properly the mobile service.

    please correct the problem “immediately” below location waiting for more customers..
    dindigul district, Nilakkotai taluk 7 km place in Anaippatti (nobody coverage this area)
    pls take necessary steps immediately.
    your valuable customer.

  11. uninor network coverage is very very poor for rural areas. I am already inform to more than times. please rectify that major problems immediately.
    {Dindigul dist,Nilakkottai(taluk) in supporting 7 km rulal areas espcially covered}

  12. Hiii….the network is satisfactory but sometime problems occur but these are manageable …I’ve a query that how do i get GPRS activated on my no?

    plz help

  13. I expect it will service rural sector more then other telecoms service provider.then it will grown up quicly.
    Thank U

  14. Mr. Kapil Uninor is not a Pakistani but it is a company of Norway. Norway has already launched a Telenor mobile company in Pakistan. Such way you can’nt drop any burdon from your heart, so don’nt take any tension and be happy.

  15. Please don’t buy “uninor” sim cards as it is an pakistani company.& even rates are very high, i.e Rs. 60 monthly reduction…

  16. nothing is new in the tarrif line,comparring other company tarrif line is much higher ,if u see per day 2 rupees rental for a new company quite astonishing

  17. very bad service confusing traif poor coverage it took 3days to activate the number
    traif is very bad should change ?

  18. Practically I don’t think people will turn to UNINOR to a large number.
    Reason comparative rates (compare your rates to any telecom it is comparable no big changes)

  19. uninor’s big day is here.. mumbai and kolkata launch… there has been quiet a buzz about it for long..

  20. hi this is shiva i need new connection and last 6digit should be 234888 can i get this no in uninor if so mail me.for ANDHRAPRADESH

  21. i think uninor has done a great job with their gprs service…. they are going to be a strong contender in the market..

  22. blessing for uninor users.. they have rolled out there GPRS service and the free trials are till 6th may ….

  23. I have sufficient land(area about 10 decimal) for tower at village girigitya, district maharajgang, u.p. if you have requirement for land to setup your tower/godown you may contact me on 9450173783.

  24. uninor should think of expanding now…with the performance they have shown i think they can expand now…

  25. i want a job in uninor plz any helps me for this please cont me on 09822632750
    I have alrady work experiance in Telecom industry

  26. well.. as a personal user i am quiet satisfied with uninor… in my area its network is better than airtel which i was using previously…. i know there is some kind of confusion among people regarding the plans but i would say, as a normal regular user, they are quiet good… i mean we can argue about the rental and all but in usage you’ll see they work pretty well… they offer the cheapest call rate if you make long calls.

  27. well.. as a personal user i am quiet satisfied with uninor… its service is better than airtel which i was using previously…. i know there is some kind of confusion among people regarding the plans but i would say, as a normal regular user, they are quiet good… i mean we can argue about the rental and all but in usage you’ll see they work pretty well…

  28. Hi ,
    I am Nilesh from Pune , we are very much intrested for the Distribution for Pune District.
    So please contact us .

    Nilesh Sancheti

  29. Actually, the opinion about Uninor varies from one person to another as it gives trouble to some people & enjoyment to some customers. So coming to my point of view, it is mere better to anyone if he/she has a complete idea about these particular tariffs. And I am very much impressed with the process of changing the tariff from daily rental(2/-) to normal tariff and vice-versa w. As of we know that tariff changing process, there is no need to visit a store/dealer or even no need to seek help from customer care or someone else. But finally one thing I would like to say is that it is better to concentrate more on giving awareness about the tariffs, procedures, plans etc. of Uninor (rather than publicity/advertiement/sales about the product. )either by dealers/ customer care. So that there will be no complaints, bad remarks And all will give good feed back &b suggestions only.

  30. its the uninor is the very big waste company,,,
    advertisement super
    net work is bad
    and the
    distributor is very waste

  31. I think people who pay more than Rs.250/month, uninor would be beneficial to them. But maximum people pay Rs.100-200/month for outgoing calls including me aslo. So, for maximum people and including me also uninor is not beneficial.
    I will suggest to achieve Stel/Reliance/Idea/Aircel for cheaper call rate.

  32. i think uninor has one of the best customer care services right now! i recently had faced some minor issues with my uninor connection and the customer care person helped me out instantly! just too good man!

  33. even with the daily rental of Rs. 2, uninor is falling to be alot more economical than my previous number! no wonder they already hav 12 lakh subscribers!

  34. i think uninor pricing is good. i talk alot on my phone and if its 29p / min, even with the initial min being charged at 39p, it still falls way cheaper than other telecom providers. uninor is simply the best!

  35. i really doubt how uninor is bad because i have recently switched to Uninor and I am finding it cheap. Even cheaper than one second pulse.

    Earlier when I use to make calls to friends and talk around 100 – 115 seconds i would be charged per second i.e 100 paisa – 115 paisa, where as with uninor I just pay 97 P

    My conclusion is that uninor is economical. Also the customer service is excellent.

  36. this will be the best plan for customers who make long calls. what’s the use of second billing as all the other company’s have it. uninor is the best.

  37. Worst tariffs mostly all the operators are giving at the same cost.. so no use at all in buying people.. stay away from using.. its better to stick to Bsnl, vodafone or airtel as they have nice coverage and Uninor has the worst coverage…

  38. Uninor to Uninor 100 free sms is very cheap one but they can make five paise for sms to any network will sound good.I think call more is better than talk longer scheme.

  39. I think The Tariff is very vorst…. because most of the leading mobile Service provided best schemes…to compare its very worst….
    Please improve it

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