Uninor GSM in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kolkata and West Bengal

Uninor announced the simultaneous launch of its Global GSM service in the 5 telecom circles of Mumbai, Maharashtra and Goa, Gujarat, Kolkata and West Bengal.

With this launch, Uninor’s services are now available in 13 telecom circles in India covering the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.

With this launch, Uninor’s population footprint is over 900 million pan-India and also marks its debut in the high potential metro telecom circles of the country.

The service was launched in all 5 circles with the radical new concept of Dynamic Pricing (DP). Branded as ’24X7 Badalta Discount Plan’, DP will offer call discounts that will change from 5% to 60% with location and with time – with each cell phone tower broadcasting a different discount. At the same location, the discount will change every hour. In cities like Mumbai and Kolkata, with daily commute times of as much as 4 hours, this could mean hundreds of varying discount opportunities every day with a better discount only a station away.

“This is a big day for Uninor as we enter some of the most promising and competitive markets of India. We make a start in these markets with Dynamic Pricing – a concept that ends the tariff raj and puts the power in the hands of the customer,” said Frode Haugen, Hub EVP – UP East. “We are still set on bucking the trend and that is how we will compete – through innovation, quality, flexibility and by relentlessly putting the customer first – one customer at a time”.

Launching with massive distribution

On launch day, Uninor connections in these 5 circles will be available at over 85,000 points of sale through 439 distributors and at 81 exclusive shops in the five new circles. This is the largest ever launch distribution in these cities and states achieved by any GSM operator in India.

For customers this means a Uninor connection is available right next door. At a supermarket, a kirana shop, a chemist, a corner mobile outlet or a full service exclusive Uninor shop; definitely at many more places and much closer than that of any other operator on launch day.

’24X7 Badalta Discount Plan’ or Dynamic Pricing plan will offer customers changing discounts on their calls based on traffic on the network. DP rides on sophisticated technology that puts the customer in control.

Discounts are calculated by an intelligent ‘Discount Engine’ that relies on state-of-the-art IT systems to continuously monitor traffic at every tower in the network. Applicable discounts are broadcast to all mobile screens under coverage of that tower and discount at which a call is started is maintained throughout the duration of the call.

Under the ’24X7 Badalta Discount Plan (DP)’, discounts will range from 5% to as much as 60%, depending on location and time. This discount will be applicable on a standard base call rate of 50 paisa per minute for any local call, Uninor-to-Uninor or Uninor-to-any other operator. This means a 1-minute local call could cost as low as 20 paisa and never more than 50 paisa.

Uninor’s network is brand new with the most modern equipment and the very latest IT systems. It’s a congestion free network powered by the latest technology anyone can deploy today. For customers, this will mean superior voice quality, fewer call drops, maximum first attempt dials and a much better experience overall.

“Metros are demanding markets – often a step ahead both in terms of trends and expectations. These are also markets that contribute significantly to the telecom sector revenues pan-India. We know these markets will be competitive but by listening closely to our customers and respecting their wishes, I’m confident we will succeed,” added Frode. [source]

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