Uninor 24×7 Changing Discount Plan (Badalta DP) STV Details

Uninor introduced ‘24×7 Changing Discount Plan’ for the first time in India.

The ‘24×7 Changing Discount Plan’, also called DP, is an exciting new plan that lets you enjoy discounts up to 60% on all your local calls. Every hour Uninor will offer a different discount depending on the time of the day and your location. With the discounts, you pay as low as 20p per minute, and never more than 50p per minute on your calls.

The ’24×7 Changing Discount Plan’ is very simple and easy to use. Once activated, the phone screen flashes the changing discounts that are available in the area where you are at any point of time. When you make the call, the applicable discount appears on the screen. Once done, the screen displays the call charges and the remaining balance.


This means that, as your location / place changes the discount changes too. You can enjoy up to 60% discount on all local calls. The ’24×7 Changing Discount Plan’ is available for both new and existing subscribers of Uninor.

You can recharge for Rs 48, with a validity of 90 days. Local calls are 50 paise per minutes with 5% to 60% discount. STD is fixed 50 p/min and, SMS is charged 25 paise.

To activate the plan, ask the retailer to recharge your Uninor prepaid connection with a special DP recharge of Rs. 48.

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