UC Browser 7.6 First Experience

In mobile web area this year, the Best Mobile(Non-Ipad or Iphone) browser (2011-Readers-Choice-Awards-Winners) belongs to UC browser, which defeats the 2010 winner Opera Mini. Recently, UC launched his UC Browser7.6 Official Version We can down load UC browser onwww.ucweb.com by PC or wap.ucweb.com by handset. And after using the latest update version, next I will share my experiences of its three new features with you to arrive at an objective evaluation of UC browser 7.6.


Platform: Symbian S40V3   Phone model: Nokia 6233

  1. New Social Element for Java & WM

In the new version, UC browser adds quick share to Facebook & Twitter that provides many users who prefer to stroll in social communities like me a fast track of accessing Facebook, etc.  Here we should have a primary setting accessing to Facebook. Then randomly open a website and copy some words, we can find the new option of Share to Facebook, choose it then the words will share on Facebook, the same as on Twitter. Anytime and anywhere you see what words or pictures you prefer, you can share them on forums or communities.



This function applies to people’s using habit that provides users a fast track of accessing Facebook conveniently by UC browser. After connecting to the login page of Facebook, UC browser will display a concise effect of the page by compression technology, which makes users scan comfortably and is what Opera Mini can not provide.


2、Traffic Check

UC Browser 7.6 has added the option of Traffic Statistic to save users 85% off traffic. It’s quite a useful function that makes users have a clear traffic using plan. Here, I open www.Getjar.com on UC browser 7.6. The result shows it consumes 6.46KB, it can be seen that UC browser again committed itself to save users’ traffic charge.
Select“Menu”-“Help”-“Traffic Statistic〞, then users can see statistic include Traffic this time, Traffic last time, Traffic this month and Total Traffic. A completed statistics can help users clearly know and plan their traffic cost. In addition, UC browser serves another two available options here, Back and Clear data, which reflect UC browser’s humanization.

3、Search Box Optimization

UC put all the search engine options at the top, in order to save the space for low resolution handsets.

UC browser 7.6                                              Opera Mini 5.1

Compared to Opera Mini 5.1, UC browser 7.6 sets much more search engine options for users to select, like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, but Opera Mini 5.1 provides Google only. In terms of left function button setting, UC browser has History viewing that record keywords or websites you have accessed, and avoid users to input the same words again that greatly improve searching speed. Here, I notice a small detail, there’s showing time under the page, which Opera Mini 5.1 does not have, more or less it help users amplify time sense.

UC browser 7.6                                        UC browser 7.6                                             Opera Mini 5.1

UC browser inherits the functions of search engine on computer browser. Here we use Google to search Getjar, when we input the word “g” and system automatically relates to different keywords that associated with “g” on UC browser, and input “ge” will quickly relate to “Getjar”. However, we should input the integral word on Opera Mini 5.1 search egine. Apparently, UC browser’s search function outdos Opera Mini 5.1’s

Generally speaking, compare to previous version, UC improve its speed and users experience especially reflect on UC browser7.6. Some new functions bring users more convenience and traffic saving. Depend on my personal experience; I hope the pictures and data mentioned above can provide you a preferable reference. Let’s look forward to next UC Browser version.

Download UC Browser 7.6 Officially English Releases for Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile:

UC Browser 7.6 Java Signed Version.jad (6.63 KB)

UC Browser 7.6 Java Unsigned Version.jad (934 Bytes)

UC Browser 7.6 Java Unsigned Version.jar (415.16 KB)

UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V1.sis (874.13 KB)

UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V2.sis (928.14 KB)

UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V3.sisx (1.14 MB)

UC Browser 7.6 Symbian V5.sisx (1.45 MB)

UC Browser 7.6 PPC.cab (1.6 MB)

If you cant install it, try installing unsigned java version.


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