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Do you own a website or blog? Have you ever wondered how to find out what is being copied from your blog / website? If someone copy part of the content, how to get backlinks to your site? If a loyal reader of the blog would like to share part of the articles through email, how to track when the visitor copy and paste the content? What if all those copy & paste can be converted into traffic and SEO? Wouldn’t it be great if those copied snippets automatically had attribution back to the original article in your blog? It would be great, if you could track or trace content reuse and thus generate traffic.

The Tynt tracer helps to monitor content copying on your website or blog. It helps you to know what text and images people copy from your site and acts like a Copy Paste Tracer. This is already implemented in TECK.IN, not as a copy tracer, but as a traffic and SEO booster. See the content copied from a post at teck.in, whcih has the part “read more” appended to it while I copied the sentence. The article link is added at the end of copied text.

Micromax announced an exclusive partnership with Israeli based modu, to launch the co-branded and customized modu T phone in India.

Read more at TECK.IN: Micromax Modu T 3G Phone in India, Price Rs 12000, IM, GPS, 5MP Camera https://teck.in/micromax-modu-t-3g-phone-price-features-specs.html#ixzz13Au6V1os

When I copy the first paragraph and post to email, the “Read more” link also appears in it, enabling the recipients to read the complete story of their interest.
Tynt Insight is a free service from Tynt Multimedia that allows websites to boost traffic and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using detailed analytics on track copy/paste actions of their visitors.

Whenever a reader like an article and want to share it with friends, he highlights some text and pastes it into an email or a blog post. When copying, Tynt automatically adds a link to the original article. The links also help with SEO. With Tynt, publishers can monitor how and where content is being shared from their website.

Tynt Insight’s patent-pending technology detects copy – paste actions of website visitors, enabling online content owners to understand which content their visitors find most engaging, and to immediately act on that information to improve site performance.


With Tynt Insight, you can learn what is being copied off your site and how to leverage this behavior to drive traffic, improve search rank, measure reader engagement, and promote your brand. Whenever someone copies content from your website, a backlink is appended to the copied content. This will enable link back to the original article.

The use of Tynt by a website necessitates sending tracking information to Tynt’s servers when you do nothing more than copy some text or drag an image from the browser.

According to Tynt, sites using Tynt Insight have seen double the amount of visits to individual pages via our automatic attribution link. With the automatic links, your website will get immediate organic SEO benefits by generating more in-bound backlinks to your content that are search engine visible. Tynt also provides statistics about what the readers engage with the most in your website. With Tynt Insight, content publishers can increasing traffic and improve search engine rankings and provide unique insights into user engagement. Tynt Insight provides a dashboard to the publishers showing activities such as copied and where it is being shared.

According to Tynt, about 70 per cent of website users share content via email. Facebook is a distant second and only about 4 per cent use Twitter. We find that people are three times more likely to click on a link they see in an email, versus about 1.4 times on Facebook. Publishers can see what parts of a story are being shared and then they can add links to their own content on that subject. The more progressive publishers produce additional content on what is hot.


Sign up today at Tynt and start tracking copy/paste from your blog / website.

How to Opt Out from Tynt Tracer in my Browser?

Trny track what’s being copied from the websites that use Tynt Insight and do not track any personally identifiable information. If you wish not to be tracked or traced by Tynt, you may visit the Tynt support website at http://www.tynt.com/support/opt-inout/ and click on Opt In or Opt Out button. You will need to Opt-Out for each browser you use and have cookies enabled.

If you are a Google Chome user, you may install the Tynt Blocker. It allows the user to prevent Tynt.com from recording copy/paste events from sites that use Tynt’s tracer script.

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