TopOCR – Free OCR Software, Scan Images To Text

TopOCR is a freeware Optical Character Recognition (OCR) utility which can help you capture text from images including digital camera images and scanned images. Scanned text from images can be saved to different formats such as searchable PDF, TXT, RTF and HTML. There is also a Text To Speech engine included, which can read aloud the scanned text for you.

TopOCR version 3 allows you to open different image file formats such as Bitmap Image (BMP), JPEG, GIF and TIFF 5.0 images. For scanning, you can either open images saved in your computer or you can capture image from a scanner or digital camera. Once you load an image, the text in the image will be captured and showed in the right side window. The dual window allows you to compare the converted text with the original image file.

Features provided in TopOCR

  • Better accuracy in text conversion
  • No page limits for conversion
  • Ability to recognize 11 different languages
  • Full featured text editor included
  • Spell checker
  • OCR to MP3 conversion
  • Wide range of camera and smartphone support (for image capture)

You can download TopOCR version 3.0 from here

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