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Wrist Pain Caused by Too Much Sex, Don’t Blame Computers!

Excessive computer use and working with heavy machinery have long been blamed for causing wrist pain, but according to a top medic, the reason behind the agony is: too much sex. Top medic researcher Dr John Zenian wrote in the journal Medical Hypotheses that the repetitive movements during lovemaking puts extra weight on the wrists and causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The syndrome traps nerves, causing pain and numbness. […]

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Long Hours of Talking Over Cell Phones Can Damage Ears

A recent study conducted at Punjab University on the ill effects caused by electromagnetic excessive radiation of cell phone usage shows that eggs exposed to four working mobiles become half-boiled in very little time. The study has shown that mobile towers have two kinds of effects: thermal effect and non-thermal radiation effect. These effects are being studied simultaneously by the university on plants, honeybees and chicken eggs. […]