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Google Earth View in Google Maps to See Maps in 3D

Google announced a new feature in Google Maps that brings the interactive 3D view of Earth directly to your browser. The 3D view requires Google Earth Plugin. The Google Earth Plugin is a web browser plugin that lets you navigate and explore geographic data on a 3D globe across a variety of web sites, including Google Maps. You can view the new map view by clicking on the “Earth” button at the top of a map. You will be flown directly into a Google Earth view where you are able to zoom and pan around with your mouse, or on-screen controls. […]

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Bhuvan Mapping Application from ISRO –

ISRO unveiled beta version of “Bhuvan”, a web-based mapping tool like Google Earth ( Bhuvan promises to give better 3D satellite imagery of India than is currently being offered by Google Earth. Bhuvan has a many India-specific features like weather information, administrative boundaries of all states and districts, etc.. Bhuvan has best resolutions over the Indian sub-continent. It allows users to fly from space to street level, grab, spin and zoom down to any place. Viewers can zoom into Bhuvan maps up to 10 metres compared to Google Earth’s 200 metres and Wikemapia’s 50 metres. […]

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Google SketchUp 7 Features

Google SketchUp can be used to create, edit and share 3D models of anything, like redecorate your living room, design a new piece of furniture, model your city for Google Earth. You can export an animation and share it as video. Google has announced SketchUp new version Google SketchUp 7 available for download. […]