Tool to Delete Inaccessible Files – Download DelAny

DelAny is lightweight and powerful file deletion utility for files that cannot be accessed/deleted with usual methods (Windows Explorer, Command Prompt etc.).

DelAny  is capable of deleting most files on non-rootkited Windows system.To delete a file DelAny will do the following:

  • bypass any NTFS permissions, including on folders while locating the file [advt]
  • optionally try driverless closing of file (relatively safe because works on non-protected, non-image file handles only)
  • optionally schedule Windows to delete the file on next boot

DelAny supports interactive and command line modes. Unlike other similar software DelAny doesn’t install anything (no files, services, drivers, hooks – not even temporary), it only efficiently uses existing Windows features to accomplish its task. DelAny is designed as small and simple tool for rare use so it has no great GUI – only open file dialog box and a couple of simple questions.

Download DelAny

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