Tax Calculator Mobile Application from Bajaj Allianz

Private insurance firm Bajaj Allianz had launched a tax calculator application for the mobile platform which mobile users can use to calculate their tax liability. The app offers compatibility with a wide range of handsets including Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and android-supported handsets.

Getting the application on your mobile

To get the app via SMS, send ‘TAX” to 56070. You will then receive a link to download the app on your mobile. You can also visit on your mobile to download the application.

The application can also be downloaded via special “Blue-Fi” zones which include Café Coffee Day and Barista Outlets. Just switch on the Bluetooth in your phone, accept BluFli from Bajaj Allianz and get the Mobile Tax Calculator app.

“Mobile phones, being an integral part of our lives have gone beyond the use of just calling or sending SMS. This mobile application is another convenient feature on the mobile that makes your tax calculation and planning simpler, even while you are on the move,” said Akshay Mehrotra, Bajaj Allianz Head Marketing.

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