Sync Exchange Server Emails with Gmail – Google Message Continuity

Google Message Continuity is a complete email continuity and disaster recovery solution for organizations running on the Microsoft Exchange email servers. Through Google Message Continuity, you will get Gmail as an alternate synchronized email system to Exchange server. So whenever there is a disaster or outage of Exchange server, you can continue accessing your emails by login to Gmail.

The system will constantly synchronize all inbound, outbound and intradomain messages between Exchange and Gmail. You can also enjoy Gmail’s full functionality during Exchange outages, including 25 GB of email storage, mobile email, calendar sync and chat. Once the outage is resolved, all changes and received messages are synced back to Exchange.

Google Message Continuity can be managed through a simple web interface. You can set customizable notifications and authentication settings so that the system will inform IT administrators during Exchange server failures.

Google Message Continuity also comes with advanced email security features which help you to block spam, viruses and other threats, thereby protecting your proprietary information that should remain confidential. Mobile support is also provided through which you can access Gmail, Calendar and Contacts from your mobile device while traveling.

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