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Symform LogoSymform Storage Cloud protects your data in a way that is faster, more secure, reliable and cost-effective way and it aligns with your data protection needs. Symform uses Resilient Storage Architecture, which offers better security, reliability, and speed.

Online Backup with Symform

Simply point Symform at the folders you wish to backup to the cloud and you are good to go. Symform will quickly synchronize your files to our secure storage cloud. The lightweight Symform client runs in the background, continuously monitoring your folders for changes to synchronize. In the event of file loss or corruption, Symform can quickly be configured to bring your online backup files safely back from the cloud to your local device.

Online Server Backup: Offsite data protection for your server using Symform is a critical component of your complete backup strategy. We always recommend using a quality local backup solution to create backup images of your server data. Then simply point Symform at those images and they will be mirrored to the backup cloud. Symform is the online backup storage for your local backup images.


  • Automatic Protection: No need to constantly monitor backups here. Simply point Symform at the files you wish to store in the cloud and let us do the work. Symform is truly “set and forget.”
  • Geographic Dispersion: Symform encrypts, shreds and spreads each piece of data redundantly to hundreds or thousands of locations across the world to ensure higher availability and durability. Learn more about our Resilient Storage Architecture.
  • Instant Restore: Host a “Hot Standby” copy of your data at a secondary location so when disaster strikes you don’t have to wait for data to come down from the cloud. Symform monitors your source data and copies any changes to the hot standby location as well as the cloud.
  • Collaboration and File Sharing: Synchronize data across multiple devices across the Internet. Symform watches for changes and makes sure all devices have the most current version.
  • Support for Locked Files via VSS: Using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Symform is able to backup locked files such as Exchange mailboxes and SQL databases.[advt]
  • Seed Data from Multiple Locations: Very large amounts of data can take awhile to move to the cloud, even with Symform’s revolutionary parallel transfer technology. Copy your data to multiple locations for seeding and Symform’s global deduplication will maximize transfer time.
  • Powerful Administration: Get daily status reports on all your devices. Login to the Symform Dashboard to see the status of transfers and recover deleted files.


Secure, reliable, disaster recovery that doesn’t break the bank

  • Low cost
    • Symform leverages your existing storage resources to provide an extremely cost effective solution.
  • Secure
    • Data are encrypted using military-grade, AES-256 encoding before leaving the source (your computer).
    • Encrypted data fragments are additionally secured through dispersion to a large number of nodes in the storage cloud.
  • Reliable
    • The Symform RAID-96TM system creates 32 parity fragments for every 64 original fragments to offer enterprise level reliability that is vastly superior to traditional RAID.
    • High, reliable throughput is achieved through parallel uploads and downloads of fragments from hundreds of nodes in the storage cloud.
    • By geographically dispersing the fragments we achieve superior protection against regional disasters.

Seamless, automated extension to existing onsite backup solutions

  • Works with your current solution
    • This File-based synchronization approach works seamlessly with existing local backup methodologies.
    • Fast and simple software installation supports all major operating system platforms.
    • Intuitively interfaces with local and network folders for synchronization.
  • Automated
    • Automatically detects local changes to files and synchronizes them in the storage cloud.
    • Maximizes throughput with intelligent bandwidth management which can be configured for business hours and off-hours.

Efficiently utilizes existing capacity and helps build a sustainable storage network

  • Efficient
    • Unlocks the potential of existing storage capacity in your IT environment.
    • Leverages de-duplication technology to store a unique block of data only once across the storage cloud.
    • Avoids using data centers for bulk data storage, thereby conserving significant amounts of energy resources.
  • Sustainable and Scalable
    • As storage needs grow, the network grows by harnessing dormant storage capacity without the environmental impact of a big data center.?
    • The storage cloud organically scales as new nodes enter and contribute the equivalent of the storage they receive.
  • Extend a local solution
    • Unique ability to combine local and online solutions to provide you double the protection without compromising the efficiency and speed of local restores.

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