stock.xchng – Free Website for Stock Photography and Illustrations

stock.xchng (also known as SXC) is a website that provides free-to use stock photography and illustrations, its name being a reduced version of “stock exchange”. It allows users to contribute, share and download high-resolution photographs and illustrations. Contributors are encouraged to submit material to enhance their photography career through wider public exposure.

The stock.xchng site operates as a hybrid of a picture library site and a social networking site; registered users may set up a personal profile, upload their photographic works to share with other users, write a blog and participate in online forums to discuss and critique each others’ work. SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public.

What does it mean to SXC users? 

  • [advt]It committed to making all the files in the SXC collection safe and reliable, ensuring that any time you use a file from here, it’s with confidence.
  • The technology team behind iStockphoto, the world’s number one microstock site, will keep SXC fast, stable and secure. In fact, it upgraded much of the hardware recently, and done a full security audit.

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