SportTracks – GPS Integrated Workout Logging Software

SportTracks is a tool for runners that will log every detail of your exercise plan, making it easy to track your performance over time. You can view charts of your routes in street map form, using topographic maps and satellite imagery. It can use the GPS data to graph the pace you’ve achieved, the elevation, and how your heart rate changes as you cover the route. And once you’ve used the program for a while then you can use weekly and monthly charts of exercise time, distance, pace and calories burned to see how your performance has changed.

It works with a range of GPS devices: Garmin products that support the Garmin Communicator API, Globalsat GH-615/ GH-625 GPS watches, Timex Ironman GPS watches and more. It can also work with Polar and Suunto heart rate monitors, amongst other devices, and combine the data sources to produce some really in-depth reports.

SportTracks doesn’t have to be quite so high tech. If you don’t have the hardware then you can use a range of free plugins to help you enter details manually, and add pictures and videos you took along the way, which means the program can also be used simply to record some of the details of your favourite walks.

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  • Tech Specs
  • What’s New in ST3
  • GPS import or manual workout entry
  • Show GPS routes with street, topo & satellite maps
  • Chart workout trends over time
  • [advt]Detail pace, elevation, and heart rate graphs
  • Dynamic split time, distance and pace analysis
  • User-defined workout categories and custom data
  • Edit GPS routes or HR info to fix bad data
  • Equipment (shoe) mileage and use tracking
  • Complete control of your data, stored on your PC

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