Speed Dial / Abbreviated Dialing in BSNL Telephone

You may be calling a few people very frequently. It is possible to program these numbers as abbreviated codes of 1 or 2 digits. A maximum of 20 numbers can be programmed for abbreviated dialing. It is ideal for STD/ISD.


  • Step1: Select your short code – Choose a short code for the number you dial frequently e.g. ’15’ for the number xxxxxx. (if it’s std no. std code+xxxxxx)
  • Step 2: Register short code for a telephone no. – On your telephone dial 110 then the short code followed by the subscriber’s number i.e. dial 110 15 xxxxxx. You will shortly here an acceptance tone indicating that your code is registered.
  • Step 3: To dial the number using abbreviated code – Dial 111 then the short code to dial the number i.e dial 111 15 this will dial xxxxxx.

To cancel or re-allot the same number dial 110 15 yyyyyy (new tel. no) this will store code 15 for new number yyyyyy overwriting the earlier no. xxxxxx.

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