Simutrans – Free Open-Source Transport Simulation Game

Simutrans is a free and open-source transport simulation game. It allows you to construct and operate many different transport types: trains, planes, ships, monorails, maglevs and more. In Simutrans you can build the transport networks you always dreamed of, with platforms, quays, level crossings, bridges, tunnels, signals and much more. Transport passengers between nearby cities with a commuter train or use a high speed train to earn big money by connecting cities further apart.

Your aim is to provide the transport links your people need, so for instance to make sure that the refinery gets regular supplies of oil, the power plant receives coal, the furniture factory has wood, and the bookstore receives new books as required. When all goes well everyone’s happy and your city grows, but if you’re not paying attention… Well, it’s a very different story.

There are lots of options to master here: more than 40 types of industries may appear in your cities, for instance; more than 35 types of goods may need to be transported; and you don’t just build identical stations or airports, each of them may be configured in various ways to optimize your use.

And once you’ve spent some time figuring out how everything works (which really is going to take a while – this isn’t for casual gamers) then you can play against various computer AI players or even online.

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  • [advt]Many transport options: trains, airplanes, busses, trucks, ships, trams, monorails, and maglevs.
  • Build sophisticated stations and airports, and configure them just as you need from various structures.
  • Play against the AI players or on your own.
  • Play as long as you like: start in 1880 and finish in 2050. There will be new vehicles and buildings throughout this time.
  • Over 40 types of industries can appear on the map, and 35 types of goods can be transported.
  • Control and watch your finances and the traffic of your vehicles and goods.
  • Each passenger and unit of goods is intelligent, knows where it needs to go, and can transfer from one vehicle to another to reach its destination.
  • If managing well your transport network, cities will develop and merge forming large metropolises.
  • Terrain modification possibilities are almost limitless, do what you need or can afford.

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