Simplee – Track and Pay Medical Bills

Simplee is a free web service that helps you to pay medical bills by directly linking your health care accounts, you can track medical expenses, provides details of your medical claim, explain health plan benefits, just everything related to medical insurance. Track medical expenses using this free service and pay medical bills right from your desk.

Simplee centralizes all your health care information in a safe environment, and displays it in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. Simplee provides insights and tips to improve care and reduce costs, all based on your individual needs and consumption.


Brings you health care plans information
Guides you through getting all of your health care accounts online
Dashboard displays total medical spending, medical deductible status, and balances if you have FSA or HSA.
Stores billing details safely online
Sends you alerts to track bills
Allows you to make payment online.

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