Sifonr – Free Video Chat Rooms on Internet

Sifonr provides free video chat rooms on the internet for those who need video chatting facility while networking. Using Sifonr one can chat live with friends and relatives with the help of a video and a text-based chat and no need to create an account or login to use the service.

Sifonr allows the user to browse through for live Sifons(chat rooms) and chat with the people available in that. One special feature of Sifonr live chat room facility is that it facilitates peer-to-peer transfer of files between participants which is usually not supported by conventional chat room services. The user can connect to unlimited number of users by creating chat rooms.

Sifonr just requires an adobe flash player enabled browser. A new chat room can be created from the menu in the home page and friends can be invited by the creator to join the chat room. Its that simple to start a video chat among friends.


  • Realtime video/audio broadcast supported with textual chat.
  • No registration or Installation required.
  • The chat room facility is available all the time,so one can instantly connect with people.
  • Light and Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Option to avoid unwanted entrants into private chat rooms.
  • Feature-rich and stylish widget like appearance.
  • Facebook integration of the live chat rooms by simply embedding them.
  • File sharing between the participants.
  • Simple one-stop portal for effective communication.
  • Sifonr bans those who show obscene content.

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