Send Free Text Message in the USA and Canada Using GoText

GoText by provides an interface to send text messages (SMS – short message) to cell phones in the North America (USA and Canada). Most of the mobile careers are supported.

Download GoText and install in your computer. More about the application can be found at, an absract is given below.


GoText is a simple and easy to use text messaging app that allows you to send text messages from your PC to your friend’s phone. It is easier and faster than using your phone, and it could even save you a buck or two in messaging charges. It is the perfect solution for when you are sitting around the dorm room or the apartment and have quick access to a PC. When you send messages, your friend can reply to your phone number or an email address (if their carrier supports it) just as if you had sent the message from your phone.


  • Address Book: Store names and numbers within GoText to quickly send messages without retyping. Import names and numbers from other email or messaging applications.
  • Send messages to multiple recipients by placing all of the destination numbers in the “To” box seperated by commas. You can also type in names from the address book or use the address book “Send To” button to add all of the selected names to the “To” box.
  • Recent numbers list: The most recently used names and numbers will appear in the drop down lists of the “To” and “From” boxes.

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