Send and Receive Phone’s Messages on Computer – Download Droid Messenger Android App

DroidMessenger allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your phone wirelessly through the web or email from your computer. In any web browser, you can log into the website, and view all the[androidqrcode:] SMS messages that are being sent to your phone, as well as reply and send new SMS messages from your phone. It is like a remote control for sending and recieving messages.

In addition to being able to send texts via the web client, you can also have all of your SMS messages forwarded to any email address you like (SMS to Email), as well as send SMS messages from your email (Email to SMS). DroidMessenger gives you the power to turn your phone into an SMS email gateway.

Download Droid Messenger for Android


  • Use the web client to wirelessly send and receive texts from your Android Phone.
  • SMS to Email gateway, get your texts forwarded to any email address.
  • Email to SMS, send texts wirelessly from your email.
  • Sync your contacts to the web so you can see who sent you texts.
  • Available for free on the Android Market.

DroidMessenger is an extension of your phone’s SMS capabilities. It allows you to tell your phone to send SMS messages from the web, or email. The sending and recieving of SMS messages is still done through your phone, and your regular fees for sending SMS messages still apply.

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