Send and Receive Big Files through E-Mail – Filemail

Filemail is a service that makes it really easy for all of us to send and receive big files in an easy, fast and secure way. It offers free service to everybody without registration. If you need to send files at work, it have a perfect solution to cover all your needs.


  • Not require registration to send files
  • Have a high upper limit on file size – 2 gigabytes
  • Be as easy to use as any normal e-mail client
  • Have the possibility to select multiple files with one click

Its free service still has few restrictions and the corporate customers have an easy, fast, secure and affordable service

How does it work

  • [advt]First, the files you want to send are uploaded to one of several servers located in USA, Europe and Asia.
  • A small e-mail is delivered to the recipients, containing a short message from you and a hyperlink where the files can be downloaded.
  • The recipients click the hyperlink in the e-mail, and are taken to the download page. After the specified number of days/number of downloads, the files are removed completely from our servers.


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