Seagate Wireless Plus amd Seagate Central in India by Apr

Seagate to launch it’s wireless storage devices Seagate Wireless Plus and Seagate Central in India by Mar-Apr. These products provides automatic backup and remote access from outside a home network. The concept of wireless storage has been developed by the company to give consumers freedom to enjoy their data, movies, photos and music anywhere in the world.

Seagate Central Shared Storage has been designed as an easy, centralised backup for each computer in the home, even in a mixed platform environment of Windows OS and Mac OS X computers. Seagate Central with 2 tera byte (TB) is priced at Rs 10,500, 3 TB at Rs 14,400 and 4 TB at Rs 17,700.

Seagate Wireless Plus is designed to wirelessly stream content for up to eight smartphones or tablets with enough space for up to 500 high-definition movies. It also includes a 10-hour battery life. The Wireless Plus supports all major mobile devices, including iOS and Android devices, Blu-ray players and Amazon Kindle HD. It is priced at Rs 16,000 for 1 TB and Rs 11,500 for 500 giga byte (GB).

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