Schedule Shut Down of Local or Remote PC – Free Download DShutdown

DShutdown is a free software program that allows you to wake up and easily shutdown your PC and Remote PC. DShutdown supports, beyond classical shutdown options, also a series of particular options relating “pure” shutdown and relating monitor functions. I this  program enables you to shutdown local and remote PC’s as per your specifications. You can use different shutdown types like log off, shutdown, power off, reboot, hibernate, wake up, close a program, start a program, sound advise, alarm clock and much more.

Download DShutdown

Features of Dshutdown

  • Dshutdown doesn’t shutdown without saving settings.
  • You can easily shutdown your PC without affecting any programs or files.
  • You can interrupt the shutdown request.
  • Auto start facility when your PC starts.[advt]
  • You can also schedule shutdown for internet activity.
  • You can also insert password for local and remote host.
  • Shutdown multiple PC’s at the same time.
  • Time your shutdown.
  • Safely power off your PC.

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