Samsung Papyrus E-Book Reader With Screen Writing Capabilities

Samsung PapyrusSamsung Electronics will soon be launching two e-book readers Papyrus. It comes in two models – E6 with 6-inch and E101 with 10-inch “electronic ink” screens, similar to the sizes of Amazon’s Kindle models. The pricing is expected to be $399 and $699 respectively.

The Samsung Papyrus e-book readers will come with a stylus so users can write on the screen to annotate their favorite works or take notes. The handwriting capability is due to a built-in electromagnetic resonance (EMR) stylus pen with software options on how thick to draw or write on the screen.

The A5 paper-size Papyrus features a stylus and 512MB of memory. The e-book reader also includes handy applications: a memo pad, scheduler, calendar, world clock, calculator, and contact list.


The e-reader also allow users to download books and newspapers from a server, and to share some content with other devices. These devices will be able to download public-domain books from Google Library of over 1 million volumes via Wi-Fi. E-books can be downloaded wirelessly on the device via Wi-Fi 802.11b/g signals or sharing content with other devices with Bluetooth 2.0.

Samsung e-reader display reflect light naturally and are not backlit and thus saves on power consumption. Four hours of charging will keep the battery working for up to two weeks of use, depending on daily use.

This was announced by Samsung at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las vegas.

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