Samsung Corby S3653 in India, Priced at Rs 9600

Samsung Corby (S3653) is latest touchscreen gadget to be available in India. The Samsung Corby (S3653) is priced at 9,600 Indian Rupees.

The Samsung Corby S3653 features 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and 50 MB internal memory. It has a quad-band antenna to give more coverage. The battery cover is changeable, available colors are yellow, orange, white and pink. The handset also supports One finger zoom and Gesture Control.

Samsung S3653 provides better ways of social networking – users can update current status and access friends’ updates, live feeds Facebook, MySpace and Twitter through simple Pop-up SNS. The handset also supports various social networking community sites by integrating leading User Generated Content sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket and other popular SNS sites including Facebook, MySpace and Friendster directly into the handsets user interface. User can upload photo & video to these SNS and User Generated Content sites through Communities solution.



The Samsung Corby incorporates Samsung’s new Touchwiz UI and haptic feedback system. Through the device’s widget system, users can further customise the handset and interface with useful applications and widget that move with drag and drop ease. Corby owners will also have access to a substantial library of additional applications through the Samsung online widgets store. [via ub-news]

Samsung Corby S3653 Features

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Cool colors let you communicate in style.
Corby’s changeable, colorful Fashion Jackets let you dress it up and express it all — each and every mood you’re in. Of course you’re always in the mood for fun and its cool Cartoon UI makes using it a blast. But we don’t want you to drop it, that’s why the back of the Corby bends in a wide, sweeping curve that’s as practical as it is fashionable, giving you a firm and easy hold. No matter how you look at it, the Corby really has a grip on style.

Being sociable just got more accessible
No matter where in the world you are, you can let your world know exactly what you’re up to. With Corby’s cool Pop-up SNS you get easy access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. So you never miss out on your friends’ updates, and more importantly, they never miss out on yours. A convenient news feed keeps you automatically updated on all their latest statuses and comments. Connecting has never been this convenient.

Keep up with updates and uploads
Show your loved ones how much fun you’re having on vacation – while you’re on vacation. The Corby mobile phone grants you easy access to your 7 favorite community sites –facebook, myspace, YouTube, flickr, Picasa, friendster and photobucket – so you can instantly upload your wish-you-were-here photos and share every memorable moment. No matter where you are, Corby lets you share your world with the world.

The smart way to unlock on your touch screen
Unlock your phone and access the menu quickly with Smart Unlock, which provides easy added security. You can use Smart Unlock in three ways. Simply unlock. Or, unlock and speed dial. Finally, unlock and run an application.

Two times the size with just one finger.
Sometimes you need to examine things closely and quickly. No problem. Corby gives you the big picture and lets you double the size of

Your mobile dictionary.
With Corby’s built-in, up-to-date dictionary, you’ll instantly improve your vocabulary – and your spelling skills. A total of eight languages are supported – English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian – with availability depending on country of residence. But no matter where you go, Corby helps you find meaning.

Stay in touch. Literally.
It’s all touch and go with our amazing TouchWiz interface. With its cool vibration feedback you can put your finger on the touch screen and feel the screen touch you right back. Drag your finger across the screen and get a light click. With 27 cool, convenient widgets and 75 more available to download, your favorite features are always at your fingertips.

2 MP Camera
Leave your camera at home – the Corby turns can’t-miss moments into 2MP photos. Digital zoom gets you closer, Panorama Shot takes you wider and Smile Detection captures your subjects at their happiest.

Music Finder
You hear it. You want it. But you don’t know it. The Find Music feature records a few seconds of the song and sends it to a server that identifies the track, artist, album and genre for you.

Enormous memory capability
Stop worrying and start snapping more photos and downloading more music. Corby’s 50 MB of memory easily expands to 8GB with a microSD card. Suddenly the Corby is a lot bigger than it looks!

Bluetooth v2.1
A Bluetooth headset lets you carry on conversations wirelessly as well as listen to your music files or the radio without plugging in earphones. It also easily connects to your PC or printer.


  1. I m using airtel network, customer care is telling that all samsung corbi users are facing the problems of the same.
    manufacturers of this model does not check it or what ?
    i’m feeling shame for using this mobile.
    will my problem solve or not ???!!!!!

  2. Iam using samsung corby s3653. could anyone help me how to activate cell broadcast? or else setup to view area locality in the home screen?

  3. i locked some applications in my samsung corby s3653 and i forgot the lock code… can any1 help me to unlock the applications “my files and music”…
    thanx in advance

  4. i am using this cell for the last couple of months and i am satisfy wid its performance u can find a gud picture quality as well as gud music quality and its price in india is jst 6800 . u will also get 5 fashion jackets wid it and all the colours are girl’s fav colours .
    pink , white , yellow , orange and black
    so girls go for it !!!

  5. hey first check ur data cable

    nd check ur usb connecting slot of ur motherboard

    hold da usb cable at ur computer and try. i think ur computer usb slots very loose

    try that i hope it works if not
    mail me at [email protected]

  6. Author: Bhaskar
    If u don’t know anthing about PC connection with Phone then don’t give comments like this ? Plz first u learn about PC. I m strange to know that now also there are idiot like u who doesn’t know anything about PC or cell phones.

    Yeah U Bhaskar
    What am I asked & what’s U r reply to me. This is too much for your replied. But don’t repeat such words okay.

    What I was asked about the default alarm setting change from 1 minute to 5 minutes. But your reply was like this (above comment).

      • What am I asked & what’s U r reply to me. This is too much for your replied. But don’t repeat such words okay.

        What I was asked about the default alarm setting change from 1 minute to 5 minutes. But your reply was like this (above comment).


  7. guys plz help me i got corby pro a month before just loved the phone. i just tried to install some music through data cable but when i connect my cell to the pc it gets connected for a while then the problem starts like the phone keeps on getting disconnected and again it gets connected several times continues..i m using kies software den too it happs like this..what should i do..

  8. I am using Samsung Corby S3653, the default alarm setting only one minute but I want more minutes to play the alarm like a full song i.e. 4 minutes. so, please help me!

    • R u Idiot or what I m using corby when it has been launched n I didn’t have any problem n if u don’t like coby then through it but don’t give faltu advices like this !

    • There is a problem for my Corby Display (Black spot in the display). how much amount for changing the display of corby?

  9. Hi ,I just brought my samsung corby last month and let me tell u guys I love the phone. Look wise its the best. I am having problem acessing the blue tooth tolisten to music . Can anyone help??

    Also my msgs by default are being saved in the sim memory , dont want that how do i change the settings so that they are saved in the ph memory


  10. I live in thailand.
    I paid 5400 thai baht for it.

    the only problem is HOW TO CONNECT IT TO A PC!!!! there is no driver that comes with it!!!

    • hi, i had the same problem and took me ages to track down the driver for free of the internet. i found a program called New PC Studio for Samsung
      . let me know iof this works. if not i will try to find the site i got it off or i could email you the program. i guess that would also work

  11. i have samsung corby plus but i don’t know how to activate full screen mode in video player smbdy plz help me if this feature is not there than i m thinking to purchase corby so what i do nw plz help me.

  12. hey frnds.. wl u pls tel abt dis mobile ??? i like dis mobile aloooooot yar plzzzz help me n tel me price in india(hyd)………n i wl use messages aloooot everyday i wl snd near 200 to 500 messages…. so how is it 4dat???? and it hav separate keypad r only tuch…..?? plz….. clarify my doubts……bye….t.c.

    • hey in hyd, its rs.9600 nd it has both keypad and touch.. if u want da keypad u hav to buy samsung corby pro or plus.. but bcoz u tell u text allot.. i suggest u to but pro

  13. Hey frnz…please suggest me whether samsung corby plus is a gud fone or not. also wat is its price in India(Hyd). also suggest whether corby mate is gud or nt nad does it have zoom func. advice reqd urgently plz tel some details of dat mobile…………

  14. Hello All.
    I m using samsung corby from 10 days, and here is my observation. i think you shoud read this before buy..
    First of all – Look wise corby pro is the bestest cell you will find in this price range, secondly its screen resolution and sound quality is great.. it’s little bit multitasking, but not as friendly as nokia have. It have inbuilt gadget for social media networking, but mostly open in a browser, so you cant be online everytime, when you do other task like during calling, you will get disconnected automatically, you can install more gadget from your samsung mobile.. but there is some limitation there, you will not found much option to download.. hope samsung guy will develop some more for this. you can’t install jar or jad file in this mobile. so my suggestion is this, if you are a light user, and style matters for you, then go for samsung corby.. but if you are heavy user, want to have multi tasking phone, and lots of pirated software, then go for e 62. oops! forget to mention, samsung corby have qwerty kyyboard, but control keypad is missing, so you cant perform copy paste activity in this phone.. and onething more you cant open heavy files like heavy word or pdf document in this mobile, as far as browser part is concern, it’s browser is awsome.. it easily open even flash file, and very easy to zoom, but you can get the same functionality in nokia by installing opera mini..
    so in short, if you can compramise for style, look and lats gadg. then go for samsung corby.. otherwise go for nokia..

    hope it will be usefull for you.


  15. hey i use the corby touch its a very nice phone but i m having a problem with the sms memory i hav only 200 msg in my inbox and my folders and still it says to delete certain items plz help me

  16. Hey frnz…please suggest me whether samsung corby plus is a gud fone or not. also wat is its price in India(Hyd). also suggest whether corby mate is gud or nt nad does it have zoom func. advice reqd urgently plz…

  17. Hi,
    Corby is an awesome handset.
    everything is working fine except pop-up sns.
    For me sns like facebook is opening in the browser but not in pop-up window as shown in the advertisement.
    Please suggest me where could i have gone wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

  18. hi dudes,those who is using samsung mobile now,samsung corby is revolotion in mobile i wd likd 2 say everybody that ,samsung is next …..
    This samsung corby 3650 is very nice tauch mobile

  19. @Abhishek
    @Ca Prashant

    lets come to discussion on Facebook official fanpage for Corby by Samsung might if we are more says that BSNL not support to start GPRS on corby so they will understand, and people should know that they dont have to use BSNL.

  20. heyy guyzz….recently i m using these phone frm few dayz
    bt i hve a problem dat this fone hangs a lot..while msging?
    cn anybdy tell me…?

  21. hey @Abhishek
    I am same facing this problem
    I purchased this cell as it launched but I am using Cellone BSNL but not able to set a GPRS connection on my samsung corby customer care saying it will be done in 24 hrs, also I downloaded setting from net, manually typed it but not still not working.. I had also contacted samsung corby via twitter that BSNL users getting problem due to non GPRS setting, I am wondering that samsung is not tested corby GPRS on bsnl connection or what??
    that is sure after mobile number portability services BSNL will going to lost lots of customers!!
    The launch of MNP for metros and category A circles is scheduled for December 31, 2009 and for other circles by March 20, 2010. via

  22. @abhijeet i’m using such problem don’t believe the rumours. the phone is working fine for months without problem

  23. advice reagrding whether should i go for this phone or not.. as news in the amrket is that their is a software problem bt its a awesome mobile

  24. I hAvE tIs fOnE…No dOuBt ThaT tIs LoOks Gr8….CoOl FeAtuReS….

    BuT D mAjOr PrObLeM iS tAt tIs fOnE hAnGs A lOt WhIlE usInG GpRs….AnD sCreeN iS HiGhLy PrOnE tO sCraTcHes….

    I PrEfEr CoRbY txT…RaThER thEn tOucH…

  25. advice reagrding whether should i go for this phone or not.. as news in the amrket is that their is a software problem .. advice urgently required

  26. @ roop there is a special lock feature that locks the memory card from misuse you need to unlock it via settings check your manual on how to do this

  27. Can any1 tell me in which colours it is available in India(Delhi)…?
    And plz tll the price as well in Indian Rupees
    I want to buy dis mobile
    and plz tell if it has any disadvantage..

  28. i bought it 2 weeks i dnt knw why it is nt accepting songs via bluethooth even wen ma both phn and memory card are empty. i worried if there is some prob. in ma memory card…anyone know something regarding dat………..plzz help…….

  29. Go for it guys….

    Answer to 1 of the quesions asked here is: no it does not has wifi…

    However; its one of the best value to money and jazzy phone in our market…

    I am in love with it…

  30. i have a samsung corby s3653 and cellone as service provider. i am facing too problems:- 1. i am not able to get GPRS settings by any means , so all applications of corby cant be used. i have tried bsnl web site, sms to bsnl, call to customer care , nothing works. please help.
    2. lastly, i want to know if corby can be used for wifi connectivity . if yes then how ?

    waiting for ur response 🙂

      • are you all jerks who don’t know anything of phones or pc!!!
        no suite is needed for corby conncetion with pc. just read manual carefully!!
        pop up sns is working absolutely fine and moreover for sync just first how to u\se gadgets and then say!!!
        how can someone be so dumb??????????

        • If u don’t know anthing about PC connection with Phone then don’t give comments like this ? Plz first u learn about PC. I m strange to know that now also there are idiot like u who doesn’t know anything about PC or cell phones

  31. i recently got this fone and its magnificent all i m worried abt is that whether i would b able to load applications or not….?
    this phone
    >looks cute
    >works smart
    >is cheap
    >and stylish
    >not evrybdy knows abt it
    much more to say…….

  32. i’ve bought this phone and it looks tremendous and its features are magnificent…………..really proud to have such a piece of excellence with me… rockin with it………

  33. @Sanjeev – I guess it can. Nearly all smart phones can read pdf files with the help of external software (sis or jar files). For my nokia, i have used open office and Adobe pdf mini-reader and I have seen Samsung jar softwares for the same.

  34. Can samsung corby s3653 be used to read pdf files or can it be downloaded with Adobe pdf software to read docoments.

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