Rummble Personalised Recommendation Service – Online or Mobile Phone

Rummble wants to make the physical world a more personalised place to be, so you’re always in the right place at the right time. It doing that by making it as easy as possible for you to find and share places nearby you like. Rummble is a personalised recommendation service for the physical world.

As users interact with Rummble on their mobile phone or the website, to share and discover recommendations, it learns about the user, personalising those recommendations. One user might see a good rating for a bar, another user a bad rating for the same bar, depending on the taste of that user. This all happens automatically.

Rummble’s algorithm provides personalised results based upon a trust profile it builds for you from your usage of Rummble and the connections in your social network, call it a “trust network”. Rummbling is really easy online or from your mobile phone.  Its the best to Rummble when you’re actually at a place you love or loath, then you can add a photo,  if you want, share it straight away on Twitter, Facebook, Bebo or more.


It chosen to build the first service around location based content:

  • [advt]Discover content for any location (e.g. cool bars, local knowledge and the secret hangouts)
  • Publish your Rummbles and your location to Facebook, Twitter and other social software
  • Share location based content – reviews, photos, videos and blogs
  • See which places nearby are busy from Twitter activity – we call this activity Tremors and we are incorporating this into our main service, having run tests in our labs at


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