– Online Music Platform Designed to Help Musicians is an online music platform designed to help your work in the music industry, where interest groups from all sectors of the music business come together to share their love of music. Artists, labels, venues, event managers, media representatives and fans can all connect to each other in order to present their music, publish gig opportunities, raffle off tickets, blog about music or keep an eye out for new talent. is where the music of tomorrow is playing. With its professional and completely free tools, you can earn money online; generate more attention for your music and save time all at once.


  • At first each user has to create a personal profile on – called a member profile. You always log in to that member profile.
  • [advt]You can then attach an unlimited number of additional profiles to your member profile such as artist, label or venue profiles.
  • This architecture is very powerful: you can edit all your attached profiles from your member profile. Even if you run a label, play in three bands as well as host parties, you’ll only need one login.

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