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ResearchGate connects researchers and information, it is an essential part of the Science 2.0 community and will evolve with it. It is the professional network for scientists. ResearchGate offers tools tailored to researchers’ need. Whether you are working with a co-researcher in a different country or even continent, or would like to find a forum to discuss your research ideas and results, ResearchGate keeps you in touch with scientists all over the world. You can find new research contacts in people performing in the same field or in different fields using the same techniques as you do.

Communication between scientists will accelerate the distribution of new knowledge. Without anonymous review processes, the concept of open-access journals will assure research quality. Science is collaboration, so scientific social networks will facilitate and improve the way scientists collaborate. Cooperation on scientific publications can be facilitated through Wiki-like concepts.

[advt]ResearchGate helps in:

  • Interact with fellow researchers and build your scientific network
  • Download full-text papers, and find conferences and research jobs
  • Post updates, discuss methods and co-edit with colleagues

Your profile is where it all begins: add a photo and then let people know where you work, what your research interests are and how they can get in touch with you.  Add a few more details about your educational background, skills, grants and conferences to round out your online research resume.

It  have also experienced that research collaboration, the exchange of promising ideas or a cooperative grant application work best if the co-researcher is a trusted and known person.

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