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Wyse PocketCloud LogoWyse PocketCloud allows IT administrators and end users to securely access their PC, Mac, virtual desktop and/or enterprise server remotely through the convenience of their Android or iOS device. For Employees who want to access company data and applications, PocketCloud allows enterprise-grade secure access to the company server.

For IT administrators that manage large numbers of computers, PocketCloud allows quick and easy access to an end-user machine from anywhere on the road. For remote users needing secure access to their computer, PocketCloud is a simple and effective way of taking their computer with them in the palm of their hand.

PocketCloud accesses any physical or virtualized infrastructure that supports the Microsoft RDP or VNC protocols. In addition PocketCloud is VMware View 4.5 Certified and supports VMware View 4.5 connection broker in direct and tunneling modes. It also provides the security you need when accessing your sensitive data with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support (and experimental support for RSA Two-Factor Authentication).

Download Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone,  iPod touch and  iPad 

Download Wyse PocketCloud for Android  


  • [advt]Remote PC access
  • Remote Mac access
  • Auto Discovery: Secure and simple setup
  • VNC Support
  • RDP 7 Support
  • Keyboard Auto-Activation
  • Custom keyboard with short-cuts
  • Touch Pointer: Intuitive user interface
  • Multitasking support
  • Limited to 1 computer

Wyse PocketCloud Screenshot1Wyse PocketCloud Screenshot2


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