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The Reliance app store R Apps is a collection of games and applications for your mobile handset devices that can be downloaded on your mobile devices to enhance your mobile experience. Some of the games & applications on the R Apps site are free for download while others can be purchased (a one time charge for unlimited usage) or subscribed to for a limited period usage.

R Apps service can be accessed from your computer as well from your mobile. For accessing R Apps from your mobile, you first need to have 3G/GPRS activated on your mobile. R Apps can be accessed at

With R Apps, you can browse through various categories of games and applications for your mobile devices. For e.g. you can check out business applications, cooking applications, action games, puzzle games, etc from R Apps. You can download them on your mobile to boost your mobile experience.

Some of the games, applications on R Apps are free for download while others can be purchased (a one time charge) or subscribed to for a limited period.

What do I get with R Apps?

  • Apps for your every need: Social networking; sharing music, photos and videos; chat communities; news; browsing; travel, games, fun, and much more. We have as many as apps as your varied requirements.
  • New user experience: Intuitive categorisation of apps, personalised display, tested download quality, and easy search option.
  • Innovative pricing options: Applications and games available for free, lifetime use and trial option. Pricing starts as low as Rs. 5. Payment via postpaid bills or prepaid balance reduction.
  • Ratings & recommendations: Vote for your favourtes. Get recommendations based on your usage history.
  • Browsing for free: Trial before purchase You can preview and use a trial option before purchasing a game/app.

[advt]”Application for mobile device” is a small piece of software that can be downloaded to your mobile and can be used as any other pre-installed application/utility. For e.g. a calculator, or alarm, or a stop-watch is a type of application that comes pre-installed when you purchase a mobile. The games/applications on R Apps for e.g. Pirate Ship Booty (Game), To Do App (Application), etc can be purchased and download on your mobile device and you can use them as any other application already present on your mobile.

Browsing on R Apps is completely free i.e. you will not be charged for any data for surfing within R Apps. You will be charged only when you choose to purchase or subscribe to a games or application. However there are also plenty of Free Games & Apps available for download.

How To Get R Apps?

Getting R Apps through SMS

  • To access R Apps, please SMS ‘Apps’ to 51234.
  • You will receive an SMS will a link embedded on it. Please click on the link.
  • You will be directed to the R Apps and you can then browse, discover and download applications.
  • If you are prompted for the APN (Access Point Node), then select rcomwap APN.

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