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I have been thinking of whether to register the .IN domain for Ananthapuri. Hm… At last I decided to register it. I do not have anything planned as of now. There are many things to do even in the existing domain! But have great plans for the future!

The .IN domain registrar website is, and approximately 25 other companies are given reseller rights Refer to my previous post to know about the authorities.

First I tried to register the domain through Oh my god! What a bad interface they provided! I tried for more than an hour in the site,all in vein! I gave up. I had to create a sify profile. Even that took a lot of time. The whole system is buggy! It seems does not know the term testing of software! Finally I created a login, but it did not allow me to save address! Did not display any error message at all. The academic projects I have seen were designed, tested and having better user experience than this site! Enough.

At last, I gave it up and tried www. That was much better than interface, still no where near any US registrar sites. They do not provide details of hosting plans in the screens. It seems Indian companies do not care about user experience, repeat business etc..! All they care about is not spending any money for those. I feel these companies do not have a long term vision. Anyway, so finally I paid with my US credit card.

.IN domain name registration is very costly. None of these India registration sites provide features domain forwarding, email forwarding, sub domain, etc. for free. The fee for these services is even higher than the registration fee. I am not talking about hosting fee, that is up in the air! I wonder how these US companies do it for free! How easy is it with US Domain registrars like, I just paid $8.50 per year and they gave me a lot of features! I hope to see cheaper registration and hosting in India soon… How long will I have to wait to see that happen?!

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