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Quick Heal Mobile SecurityQuick Heal Mobile Security for Android safeguards your Android device from viruses, malwares, malicious applications and personal information loss. This mitigates a considerable amount of risk from the vulnerability that an open platform like Android is prone to.

It is a complete security solution that offers a host of features to protect you and your phone from viruses, identity theft, unwanted calls, and text messages. It also helps you locate your stolen or lost phone.

Download Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android  

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  • Virus Protection – Provides automatic real-time virus and spyware scans with optional manual scan. This assures automatic protection from all kinds of malware threats. It also scans applications before those get installed on the mobile. In case you have to use somebody’s memory card then the anti-virus engine scans the memory card first before any data transfer. The intelligent anti-virus automatically updates itself for new virus definitions. The software provides a high degree of flexibility allowing you to use your mobile while the scan runs in the background.
  • Call Filtering – This feature enables you to block unwanted calls. It is accentuated by a silent blocking action. It also helps you in configuring a Black List or White list of numbers.
  • SMS Blocking – With this feature you can silently block unwanted SMSs. You can also scan links in messages and filter infected links.
  • SMS Spam Protection – You can filter unwanted SMS, block spam SMS text messages from unknown senders and easily configure Black and White lists.
  • Data Protection –In case the mobile phone is stolen and carries sensitive data, you can:
    • Lock the phone access remotely
    • Wipe the data remotely by sending predefined SMS
    • Configure selective data to wipe-out like Contacts, SMS or folders
  • Anti-Theft – This powerful feature enables:
  • Remote Locking – blocks usages of your phone if it is lost or stolen
  • Mobile Tracking – helps you find your lost or stolen phone
  • SIM Change Notification – if the SIM is changed, the new number will be sent to owner’s alternate mobile
  • Mobile Lock on SIM Card Change – if your Smartphone’s SIM card is removed after it is stolen, Quick Heal mobile Security for Android will block usage of your mobile phone

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