Pretty Run – Program to Search Functionality Similar to Start Menu

Pretty Run is a program that provides search functionality similar to the start menu search of Windows 7, but provides even a few features in addition to that. Also, it works with Windows XP, and Windows Vista too. XP does not have any type of menu search, while Vista did come with a basic search. So, Pretty Run is quite useful for those operating systems.

It provides a nice search interface in which you can search for anything, and it will display the results. Also, the results are nicely organized into various groups.

Pretty Run also lets you associate words with your own shortcuts. So, whenever you type that word, you can launch your favorite programs and lets you launch a group of programs together. This is helpful when you just start your computer, and always need to launch a set of programs. One click in Pretty Run launches them all.

Download Pretty Run


  • Search favorites in your browser. It can search favorites in IE, search bookmarks in Firefox, and search bookmarks in Chrome.
  • Search all the programs.
  • Search files and folders
  • [advt]Search clipboard
  • Search tags of mp3 files.
  • Perform your search with search engines, like, Google, Bing, Yahoo, imDB, YouTube, and more.
  • Search control panel items.
  • Search printers.

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