Play Entanglement Puzzle Game on Google Chrome (Web App)

Entanglement is a puzzle game is now available as a chrome web app. You can install this web app in your chrome browser and play entanglement game directly in the browser.

This web game includes:

Solitaire – In this single-player mode, you try to beat your own record or compete against others on our daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards.

Multiplayer – Play against up to 5 other people on the same computer in this hot-seat variation. This mode offers a chance to challenge your friends head-to-head: try to grab the longest paths without running into each other or the wall.

Try to make the longest path possible. Rotate and place hexagonal tiles etched with paths to extend your path without running into a wall.

Install Entanglement Chrome Web App


Additionally, once you have installed Entanglement, you can play without needing a connection to the Internet. Unplug and enjoy!

Create the longest line possible. The more segments your line has, the higher the score you can achieve.

Use the arrow keys or the mouse scroll-wheel to rotate your tile. Click with the mouse or press the spacebar to place your tile and watch your line grow.

Avoid the walls for as long as you can. Once you have placed as many tiles as you are able, your game will end.


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