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Fusion is a free photo mergin application that allows you to merge images, taken of the same scene, into one photo. Fusion is a free photo mergin application that allows you to merge images, taken of the same scene, into one photo. Indeed this photo merging software is even able to merge images and photos taken with different exposures. When you blend photos together,Fusion creates, something called high dynamic range (HDR) of brightness and image tone mapping to a low range a long with the use of algorithms that allows you to preserve the details of original images.

[advt]The program allows to enhance the details and increase local contrast in digital photos. The best result can be achieved when you process multiple images of the same scene taken at different exposures. The program also allows processing of single photos in RAW, TIFF or JPEG formats. Merging of exposures and processing can be done by one of the operators: HDR or Summation With Priorities. Batch processing allows to process series of photos in an automatic mode by applying the same parameters to each merge.

Download Fusion

This free photo and image blending software is the ideal program for those that enjoy photograph; people that enjoy creating unique images of the same scene.  Although the above information may seem a little confusing, rest assured once you have downloaded and setup the application, you will be surprised at the mount of creativeness you can do. The main interface is self-explanatory with easily understandable language used. If you’re a budding photographer or just someone who enjoys taking pictures, Fusion is a program you should look at.


  • Automatic alignment of photos[advt]
  • Summation operator
  • HDR operator
  • Batch processing

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