Peer to Peer Instant Messaging Client – Download PopNote

PopNote is a lightweight free peer to peer instant messaging client that delivers you an ultra private and secure way to chat. This free peer to peer instant messaging client doesn’t use any third party server that can monitor your communications or intercept them. You will be able to do point to point or direct communication with another PC online without involving any third party servers or relays that can save or filter your private communications.

This free instant messaging client sends an instant message on the desktop you want to send and it will pop up on there and you will receive a delivery confirmation instantly. You don’t have to reply instantly once you receive a pop note as you can minimize it to send a reply later or you can reply instantly like a real time chat environment. It uses UDP sockets instead of TCP so it cannot be scanned by any TCP sync port scanners and it works nicely with people who have static IP addresses. PopNote comes with an easy-to-use user interface and it works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 98 and Windows 95.

Download PopNote


  • Light Weight: It’s only 190k in size and it doesn’t require any baggage files. It’s so small in size that you can run it 24/7 without putting any pressure on your operating system.
  • Robust: You get a lightning fast chatting experience by using this software as it uses a very little of the system resources and it doesn’t use any third party server.
  • Peer to Peer: This software doesn’t require any third party relays or server as it uses point to point or direct communication between two PC’s online so your communication can’t be saved or filtered by anybody.

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