“OurStory” – Save Stories, Photos, and Videos on a Collaborative Timeline

OurStoryOurStory, is an online service for sharing and preserving life stories, fostering a social exchange among family and friends, transforming one’s words, photos and videos into media-rich life timelines, preserved online.[advt]

The easy to use windows interfaces allow users to update piece by piece their life story, marriage or history as a couple, and/or share group or organization info on a secure folder online. OurStory.com makes these memories secure, but simple sharing of member names and meta tags means old school chums and people who knew you 40 years ago and find you and catch up.


Its account is free. But a secure private account can be purchased or given as gift for $39.95. This allows families, individuals, anyone to compose their story online, all at once or as they are ready and select choices. Then everyone can enjoy it, add to it, add their comments, or share the story with friends and family.

It is a way to relay a personal history online, safe from identity thieves and completely secure from hacking or copying images or information. The image browser option allows the profiler or account owner to allow images to be searchable for long lost frriend or colleagues to find them online.

But the best use of OurStory may be for many game players and role players from different online web sites and web rings who need a place to feature their data across fictional timelines. With growing bandwidth limitations, web site and/or online multi payer games forums have to limit the amount of space per user they can allow members to have.

OurStory users may elect to invent or flesh out their character’s fictional profile and use the link as a web referral for those who want to read more about their character or personal background. This way potential players or rings can unite when they read the RPG experience or fictional allegiances.

How it Works

  • Make your timeline about anything
  • Collaborate with family and friends
  • Share it with whom ever you want
  • Share your stories as status updates on Facebook


  • Capture your life story or that of a love done
  • Create a blog that has an organized timeline
  • Create a baby/toddler scrapbook or biography
  • Create a wedding journal and online photoalbum
  • Preserve your family stories and family history
  • Share your photography,build a photojournal or album
  • Collaborate with friends and family to create a groupstory
  • Keep an online diary or journal(set to private or public)
  • Build and share an online scrapbook
  • Create a career timeline to enhance your resume
  • Write your autobiography

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