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Comodo Backup LogoComodo Backup is a free, simple to use program that allows you to create, schedule and run your own backups after you’ve downloaded it. It regularly create a backup of all your confidential and valuable data. It copies your files to a safe place and keeps track of the changes made to those files.

With Comodo Backup, you can:

  • Easily backup to local, network, virtual, FTP drive or online storage [advt]
  • Send email reports to team members about the status of a backup job
  • Schedule backups to fit your timetable
  • Create customized backups routines with a range of filters and macros
  • Configure in minutes with our intuitive interface

Download Comodo Backup

Comodo Backup can be scheduled to backup your files at a time that suits you. Synchronization mode will take backups of your files as soon as you save them – ensuring the copies of your files are always up to date. A log file is kept that records all of Comodo Backup’s actions as a safeguard against losing your essential data files.


  • Many varied backup options: Place backup copies anywhere you choose – including local or network drives, FTP servers, virtual drives, removal storage devices or over the Internet using Comodo’s secure online storage.
  • Automatic backup scheduler: Set Comodo Backup to make copies of your files automatically, when it’s convenient for you.
  • Backup Presets for commonly used and important files: One – click back up of user settings, Windows registry and system partition.
  • Highly Secure : Your backup files can be password protected and encrypted with a range of highly secure algorithms.
  • Constant copy log: Comodo Backup will keep a log of all edits made to files and automatically store and reflect these updates.
  • Quick data recovery: Comodo Backup features an uncomplicated and fast way to retrieve and view all your backed up data.
  • Synchronized backup feature: Users can set Comodo Backup to automatically copy a file to backup every time it is saved.
  • Email notifications for completions of a backup job: Comodo Backup lets create mailing lists so that you and others can be alerted immediately when a backup job is completed.


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