OfficeTimer – Timesheet and Project Management Application

OfficeTimer is a free online timesheet as well as a Project Management application that enables you to track an employee’s time for project tracking, project time, payroll, attendance, billing and costing. This free timesheet provides trouble-free management. It helps you to delegate and track project tasks and manage the projects effectively.

This web-based project manager basically manages Expense approval, Time Off approval, Timesheet approval and Billing. OfficeTimer gives you a full-fledged column of My Area wherein you can access your own personal work such as My Tasks, My Profile, My Projects, My Reports, and many more. You can quickly modify your profile, your reports, your expense sheet and other personal data. OfficeTimer can quickly export reports to XLS, PDF, Image, Rtf, Mht, Text, and CSV.

Timesheets can be customized into:

  • Daily Timesheet
  • Weekly Timesheet
  • Bi-Weekly Timesheet
  • Semi-Monthly Timesheet
  • Monthly Timesheet

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