NotiPage – Free Webpage Monitoring Software

NotiPage is a free webpage monitoring software. Once you’ve configured a monitoring alert related to a specific webpage, it will automatically check this webpage on a periodic basis until all the set criteria are met. At that time, it will warn you by a visual and audible alert.

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Main Features

  • Can notify you when the access to a distant server is impossible…
  • Help you to monitor your website accessibility
  • Can notify you when a monitored webpage has been updated…
  •  Useful when you are waiting for sportive results
  •  when you are waiting for forum thread answers
  •  when you are waiting for classified ads
  • and in many other situations…
  • Can notify you when specific words are detected on a webpage…
  • [advt]Useful when you are waiting for releases (Scantrad, Fansub…)
  •  when you are waiting for specific informations
  • and in many other situations

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