Note Organizing Tool for Students – is a web based tool for students. You can easily write your notes to a computer edit and format them or insert an image or a video into them. It lets you to organize your notes by each individual class, and it allows you to organize them by lesson, so you will easily be able to go back and find the notes you took on a specific day. This makes things a whole lot easier when you go back to study your notes. The free plan limits you to only one notebook, but it is only $2 per month to upgrade to premium, which grants an unlimited number of notebooks for all your classes.


  • Notes organized by class and lesson.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Log in with your Facebook account for quick access.
  • Free plan limited to one notebook, $2.00 per month premium upgrade.
  • Mobile version for note taking on the go

Functions of mySchoolNotebook:

  • [advt]Creating a notebook
  • Deleting a notebook
  • Creating a new topic
  • Adding new lessons
  • Text Formatting
  • Share with your classmates
  • Publishing of notes
  • Searching


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