Nokia Supreme Limited Edition – Costs UK £99995 or INR 75 lakhs!

A new luxury Nokia mobile phone – Nokia Supreme – has been launched. Nokia Supreme is made by Stuart Hughes, who specialize in producing luxury phones.

The Nokia Supreme is limited edition, only 3 to be ever made. It is priced UK £99995 or 75 lakhs Indian Rupees only! That’s the price you need to pay in order to own a luxury item that only two other people have.

The Nokia Supreme encrusted with 12.5 carats of Pink diamonds, 1225 individually set sparkling gems including a 3ct single cut flawless center diamond. The total weight of the diamonds is 15.5ct.

The Nokia Supreme also features the worlds most precious metal Platinum, it has hallmarked platinum veneers and 8 platinum screws adding up to a massive 83g of platinum in total.

The Nokia Supreme comes encased in a chest that is made from Granite and comes in French Blue color with a beautiful leather interior.

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