Nokia Battery Monitor – How Long Your Phone Battery Will Last?

How long your Mobile Phone’s battery bars last? It depends on your mobile phone usage, isn’t it? But there is now a way to see how long that one remaining bar is likely to last. The Nokia Battery Monitor is now available on Ovi Store to monitor your battery.

Nokia Battery Monitor shows you the battery charge level with estimates of remaining usage time and charging time. It also provides statistics of your recent energy usage.

Information can be viewed in full screen application or homescreen widget. Please do not use launch button in Ovi Store after installation – launch Battery Monitor from your application menu or homescreen widget.

Nokia Bttery Monitor

It is free and available for S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices.

Get Nokia Battery Monitor from Nokia ovi Store

There are three tabs at the top of the page once you open Nokia Battery Monitor. Estimates, Statistics and Info.

Estimates will predict how many more days, hours or minutes you have left in your phone and will even break it down further into Talk time, Web browsing, Active use or Music playback. You will see exactly how many minutes you have left on a phone call before you will have to plug it in to charge again. This estimate can be pasted to your homescreen as a live widget, to make it easier for you to view.

Statistics shows you how you use your phone on a day-to-day basis. You’ll see how much energy is used throughout the week and you’ll see the results in percentages. So you’ll know if you spend too much time, and therefore energy, on sending text messages for example. This is a good way of looking at your habits and is interesting if nothing else.

Info is a page that contains all the information on Nokia Battery Monitor, such as the app version number, app overview and how to uninstall it should you want to.

The accuracy of the app might vary, as mobile phone batteries do not discharge at a predictable rate. For example, if your phone has been on standby all day, then it might believe that it’s got a full day’s use left. If you then receive two hour-long phone calls, it was probably mistaken. Accuracy improves over time, though: it calibrates itself to your typical usage pattern. [source 1, source 2]

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