Network Traffic Alert System for Android Devices – Download NetSentry

NetSentry LogoNetSentry is a network traffic alert system for the Android operating system. It keeps track of how much data is transferred over each network interface of your Android system. When certain usage levels are reached you will be notified over the notification facitlity.

Download NetSentry for Android

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  • Tracks the data transmitted over all active network interfaces.
  • Notifies you about medium and high network usage through the Android notification facility.
  • You can specify different transmission limits for every interface, so you can setup the amount of data that your carrier’s price plan lets you transmit for free.
  • You can schedule optional automatic resets on a daily or monthly basis.
  • Does not depend on having a service running on your device, which is good if you care about your battery.
  • Automatically restarts after a system reboot (when you turn off your phone).
  • Does not wake your phone up when it is sleeping.
  • It is free and opensourced, so you can browse through the code.

NetSentry Screenshot1NetSentry Screenshot2

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