Neiio – Import and Organize Contacts

Neiio is a web service that allows you to import contacts from Facebook, Google accounts and LinkedIn, organize it into groups and export it to Gmail, Yahoomail, Outlook, or download them in Excel format. The app can convert contacts in to readable file format from Android, iPhone etc. Additionally the app also removes duplicates found in your contacts and can group your contacts into meaningful groups.

The app will import contacts and list them in alphabetical order. To create groups, click Organize from the header and select which account’s contacts you want to generate a group for. It creates smart groups based on how you have grouped contacts, detects who is family, categorizes contacts by work and even by gender. Once you’re done sorting, you can export your contacts to your mobile phone or your computer. Neiio integrates with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones.


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