Natuba Photo Sharing Site for iPhone

NatubaNatuba is the original photo sharing site for the iPhone. With Natuba, you can uploading, sharing and viewing photos from your iPhone. Once you have an account you can begin posting Photos immediately from your iPhone for your friends to see and discuss.

It’s the easiest way to put your iPhone photos on the web for your friends to see and discuss. With Natuba, users can click photos from there iPhone and share it with like minded iPhone photographers. Users are given a special email address to which they can mail their iPhone clicked snaps and they will be added to this website.

With Natuba, you can add some comments to your pics and they will be inserted into the public gallery, you can have your photos mailed to your profile on Natuba and also have random pics, clicked from you iPhone, to be displayed on your profile.



  • Capture a photo and instantly upload and share it friends, all from iPhone.[advt]
  • Easily share photos on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites.
  • Allow viewers / friends to comment on and rate your photos.
  • See what people are up to on the activity page.
  • Get RSS Feed for uploaded photos.
  • Newest, most active and most popular photos.

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